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BOB COX: October: a month for Mary and the Rosary | Columns

BOB COX Faith and Values ​​Advisory Council October is one of the two months that the Catholic Church recognizes as a month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. (The other month that is even more closely associated with Mary is May.) The month of October has been chosen to honor the Blessed Mother, Mary, in […]

Rosary prayer

How to Teach Children to Appreciate the Value of Saying the Rosary

October is the month of the Rosary. Here’s how to make it a bigger part of your family life. “With respect for the freedom of the children of God, the Church has proposed and continues to propose to the faithful certain practices of piety to which she grants particular interest and insistence. Among these, recite […]

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How the Rosary can have a positive impact on our daily life

When prayed with faith and devotion, the Rosary can be a beacon of light on our path to virtue. Although the Rosary is widely known for its meditative qualities, it can also have a positive effect on a person’s daily life. Prayed with faith, the rosary first offers the opportunity to converse interiorly with Jesus […]