Rosary prayer

Abbotsford Church releases Rosary prayer video for doctors and nurses – Abbotsford News

St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church in Abbotsford held a Rosary prayer for frontline doctors and nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic and this event can now be experienced online.

The church’s YouTube account posted 27:45 hours of footage on March 30.

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The word rosary comes from Latin and means a garland of roses, the rose being one of the flowers used to symbolize the Virgin Mary.

According to, the rosary is a devotion in honor of the Virgin Mary. It consists of a fixed number of specific prayers. The first are the introductory prayers: a Credo of the Apostles (Credo), an Our Father (the Pater Noster or Lord’s Prayer), three Ave Maria (Ave), a Glory Be (Gloria Patri).

The very last devotional prayer is Hail Queen (Salve Regina), sometimes referred to as Hail Holy Queen. It is the most recited prayer in praise of Mary after the Ave Maria itself, and was composed at the end of the 11th century.

St Ann’s, located at 33333 Mayfair Avenue, has been active on YouTube during the COVID-19 pandemic and over the past week has uploaded both Sunday Mass, Saturday Mass, Daily Mass and several other events on the video site.

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