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“Click to Pray eRosary” – wearable smart device to pray the rosary for peace

In the midst of the Extraordinary Missionary Month of October, the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network launched the “Click to Pray eRosary” at a press conference at the Vatican on October 15. October is also the month of the Rosary.

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What is that?

The Click To Pray eRosary is an interactive, smart, app-driven wearable device that serves as a tool to learn how to pray the Rosary for world peace. It can be worn as a bracelet and is activated by making the sign of the cross. It is synchronized with a free application of the same name, which provides access to an audio guide, exclusive images and personalized content on the prayer of the Rosary.

Organizers say it’s within everyone’s reach. Aimed at the peripheral frontiers of the digital world where young people dwell, the Click To Pray eRosary serves as a technology-based educational tool to help young people pray the Rosary for peace and contemplate the Gospel. The project brings together the best of the spiritual tradition of the Church and the latest advances in the technological world.

The Click To Pray eRosary interactive handheld device.

Physically, the device consists of ten consecutive beads in black agate and hematite, and a smart cross that stores all the technological data connected to the application. When activated, the user has the possibility to choose between praying the standard rosary, a contemplative rosary and different types of thematic rosaries which will be updated every year. Once the prayer has started, the smart rosary shows the user’s progress through the various mysteries and keeps track of each completed rosary.

The “Click to Pray” Family

This smart rosary belongs to the family of “Click To Pray”, the official prayer app of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (where Pope Francis has his own personal profile) which connects thousands of people around the world to pray every day. The eRosary Click To Pray is also intended to accompany him in his daily and monthly intentions in order to build a world to the taste of the Gospel.

Click to Pray

Click to Pray


The Click To Pray eRosary project is an initiative of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, a pontifical work whose mission is to mobilize Catholics through prayer and action, in the face of the challenges facing humanity and the mission of the world. ‘Church. These challenges are addressed in the form of prayer intentions each month, entrusted by the Pope to the whole Church. The network produced all the special contents of this smart rosary.

GadgeTek Inc. (GTI), a technology company dedicated to innovative lifestyle gadgets with operations spanning five continents around the world, was responsible for the technology design of the wearable device.

For more information, visit the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.