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EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Are Netflix bosses watching the Harry documentary?

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Are Netflix bosses watching the Harry documentary?

With Harry’s memoir poised to sabotage any hope of reconciliation with his brother William and father Charles, sub-zero family relations could crumble even further if the whispers of an accompanying Netflix documentary turn out to be accurate.

The executives reportedly pressured Harry to complete the book with a film.

Having already dropped Meghan’s non-commercial Pearl, an animation about a girl meeting famous historical figures, Netflix bigwigs want to persuade Harry to deliver a big boon with a personal documentary.

A real sequel to The Crown?

It’s the fall television transmission of Johnny Speight’s 13-series Till Death Us Do Part that recalls Prince Philip’s encounter with Speight at the 1972 Royal Variety performance, when he turned to the Princess Anne and said: ‘He is the gentleman who writes your mother’s favorite Show.’ Well, as Alf Garnett would say, “She’s your real queen, isn’t she!”

Michael Palin had to be coaxed into his upcoming three-part Channel 5 series, Into Iraq, due to health issues.

I haven’t traveled much lately,” 79-year-old Michael admits in the photo.

“I’m getting a little ahead and needed a doctor’s note because I had heart surgery.”

He adds: “I had some heart valves sorted out about two and a half years ago and the doctor said, ‘Yes, you can go to Iraq’.”

Is this the supreme swan song of globetrotters?

As the nation applauds George Alagiah’s extraordinary resilience in the face of stage four bowel cancer – as he continues to work and support charity – the 66-year-old Sri Lankan-born BBC presenter, poignantly admits to losing his Roman Catholic faith. “I envy people who have faith,” he says. “My family home was a very Catholic home. We ended the day by sitting down and reciting the rosary. So I understand it, but I’m afraid I don’t have it anymore.

Heavyweight boxer Earnie Shavers, who died at 78, battled with Sylvester Stallone for a role in Rocky III in 1982, but respectfully kept his distance from the star until Stallone shouted, “Come on Earnie, watch give me something real”. Razors hit him once near the liver and the movie star doubled down. “I went straight to the men’s room and threw up,” Stallone said. The razors did not have the role.

BBC Breakfast’s late star Bill Turnbull mischievously called back solid meteorological colleague Carol Kirkwood promising to broadcast his pitchers. Red-faced Carol was referring to containers of liquid showing precipitation levels.

Basil Fawlty star John Cleese – who is unfortunately staying in Scandinavia – fumes: “Here is the star system for hotels in northern Sweden. One star: the building was demolished last week. Two stars: the roof is OK now. Three stars: Staff training has been delayed. Four stars: Most rooms have beds. Five stars: f*****g awful. ‘Basil lives!