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Father Danny Capuchin explains how he became Malayalam cinema’s first screenwriter priest | entertainment interview

Jesus Christ who told stories of humanity has always been Father Danny’s hero. When he also took the path of Christ, he was also able to assimilate some of its principles into real life and inspire many people. Right now, his script is being turned into a movie. Titled by Siju Wilson, “Varayan” is the first film scripted by a priest in Malayalam cinema. Father Danny Capucin speaks with Manorama online.

When did you start to take an interest in cinema? How did this turn into a movie?

From my childhood, my head was full of stories. Even Christ for me was someone I became familiar with through the stories I read. I used to share many stories with my fellow priests. ‘Varayan’ was formed from a story I told my friend Jijo Joseph. Later I was asked to develop it into a script. When we told the story to Siju Wilson, he was equally excited. MJ Premachandran of Sathyam Cinema agreed to produce it. Jijo Joseph is the director.

How did you develop the central character of the priest?

This story is based on a real life incident. There is a place where henchmen forced Capuchin priests to their knees and ordered them to sing the rosary. Although at first I was shocked and later amused, I couldn’t put this incident out of my mind. The story begins when a young priest arrives at a place and how he turns things upside down.

Are you worried that the congregation won’t accept a priest who drinks in a grog shop and also romances?

He’s the kind of priest who advises a drunk to climb a coconut tree and take his dose of grog. He also advises those who play cards to play them honestly. ‘Varayan’ is one such film and also the need of the hour.

Did your family and congregation support you? Was it difficult to get permission?

This film has the congregation’s blessing. The Capuchin congregation is always welcoming to the visual media. The famous theater troupe ‘Kollam Assisi’ belongs to our congregation. Most of our young priests approach cinema with meaning and seriousness.

Want to make more movies?

sure. “Varayan” is released on May 20. We are in talks about other films.