Rosary prayer

Father Patrick Peyton: The Priest of the Rosary

“The family that prays together stays together.”

“A world in prayer is a world at peace.”

These are just a few famous quotes from Father Patrick Peyton that have encouraged the world to find more answers to life’s problems through prayer. And his sayings turned out to be true. When the family breaks up and stops praying, society breaks down and the culture rots. But when families find the strength and resilience to humble themselves before God, evil will always be defeated.

Father Peyton was born into a devout Irish Catholic family who prayed the Rosary every night together. It was this type of foundation that led him to stay so strong in the faith that he became a priest and joined the Congregation of the Holy Cross. Father Peyton, who himself was never short of the rosary, devoted his ministry to encouraging others to devote themselves to Mary and to say the family rosary.

While at the seminary, Father Peyton experienced a miraculous recovery from tuberculosis after asking for Our Lady’s intercession. After his recovery, he vowed to dedicate his life to spreading his devotion. His goal was to bring 10 million families to the rosary. And throughout his life, Father Peyton used every means possible to achieve this goal, including speaking on local and national radio, appearing on television and producing films, and organizing 540 Rosary gatherings. worldwide.

In his lifetime, Fr. Peyton spoke to more human beings face to face than almost any other person in the history of the world. And at each meeting, her message was the same: Go to Our Lady in time of need and she will intercede for you. Although Father Peyton passed away in 1992, he continues to provide us with one of the most relevant examples of personal Christian holiness in recent history.

After his death, hundreds of miraculous stories began to emerge that said Father Peyton’s intercession was the cause. In 2001 the file for his canonization was opened and from 2017 he was declared Venerable.

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