Rosary prayer

From Antipolo Cathedral in the Philippines

At Our Lady of Peace and Bon Voyage Shrine, we turn our hearts to Our Lady as we pray for families today.

During the month of May, the Church around the world joins in a daily rosary for the intention of the end of the pandemic, as well as a specific intention related to the various victims of the virus.

Each day of the month, a different shrine will lead the daily rosary, according to local practice.

The beginning and the end of the Marathon of the Rosary (May 1 and 31) are animated by Pope Francis.

See below to follow the list of shrines.

Day 7

Special intention: For families

Day 7 of the Rosary Marathon brings us to the city of Antipolo in the Philippines. There we visit the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Bon Voyage, also known as Antipolo Cathedral.

Antipolo Cathedral is a place of great devotion among Filipinos as it houses a 17th century wooden image of the Blessed Virgin Mary known as Our Lady of Peace and Bon Voyage.

The image was brought to the Philippines by the governor at the time. General Juan Niño de Tabora, who traveled from Acapulco, Mexico aboard the galleon El Almirante in 1626. His safe voyage has been attributed to the image.

Since the 19th century, there has been great popular devotion to Our Lady of Peace and Bon Voyage.

Every year, millions of pilgrims come to the cathedral for the pilgrimage season to witness “Pagdalaw ng Ina sa Anak(Visit of the mother to her son). From April 30, Catholics arrive to follow the image of Our Lady as it is temporarily moved from the Cathedral of Antipolo to the Church of Quiapo, where the Black Nazarene is consecrated.

the black nazarene is a 17th century statue of Jesus carrying a cross. It was also carved in Acapulco and transported by ship to the Philippines in 1606.

On May 1, a mass is celebrated in honor of the return of the image of Our Lady to the Cathedral of Antipolo. On the first Tuesday in May, a procession begins, as devotees follow the image for a distance of approximately 33 kilometers to Antipolo.