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Herald: Creating a greener footprint is on the agenda: World Environment Day

June 05, 2022 | 05:15 IST

Creating a greener footprint is on the agenda: World Environment Day

We’re running out of time to save our planet, but students are looking for inspiring positive change. They aim to lead collective and transformative action, to protect and restore our planet, to encourage everyone, everywhere, to live sustainably and to take action in the face of the climate crisis. Several students from various colleges in the state spoke about their ideas for a greener Goa and what their educational institutions were doing to educate them on environmental issues.

Nathan Shimron

Tmanna Sarah Warlikar, a student at Sharda Mandir School, Miramar, said the state of the environment was not something to be proud of. She pointed out that the recent summer of 2022 was the hottest in recent memory. She also pointed to the erratic rains saying, “The rains were and still are quite unpredictable. I don’t recall it raining every month of the year until mid-2021. This is all a result of environmental damage and global warming. She explained how environmental efforts can seem pointless to the layman saying, “It might be indifferent to a lot of people, but all these clean-up campaigns and talk sessions trying to educate people about the effects of environmental change/ climate actually make a difference. With immediate effect, we should and must plant trees, reduce the use of fossil fuels and reduce the use of non-recyclable materials.

Tamanna also promoted the trend of slow fashion which means being thrifty as opposed to fast fashion which consumes and pollutes water bodies and landfills. Speaking about her institute’s efforts to make students great green soldiers, she said, “It’s a constant practice to do everything we can on our side to protect the environment. Every year, our school organized a green campaign for different classes to plant trees on campus and/or outside. On top of that, we have a whole subject called environmental studies in the primary section, an age where most children form habits. Students are encouraged to walk or cycle short distances rather than coming with vehicles, unless necessary. We have planned an organized cleaning campaign at the school on the last working day before October 2nd. Besides that, we have quite a few informative seminars. Hiral Sidhu, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bambolim also spoke about the greenness levels in the state lately. She said, “Goa is a developing state; it is a popular tourist place for people from all over the world, which makes it difficult to keep track of each place and its cleanliness. Goa tries to maintain its cleanliness and many people of various ages have formed their own groups and organized cleanup campaigns. She said telling more people to join such campaigns organized by friends would increase the chances of maximum participation. Hiral said, “My school encourages Swatch Bharat be by calling famous people to give a speech about its importance which helps a lot of kids. They even organize road trips once a month and make sure to have bins at regular distances throughout the school. “Goa is in a much better condition than before because many measures have been taken to make the environment healthier and preserve it. Also due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pollution has actually decreased over the past 2-3 years. project and strong commercialization. “We have to stand against this in a united way and try to stamp out the problems so that we can save Goa as it is just a dot on the map. The influx of tourists into the state is putting great pressure on the state resources. She described the college’s efforts in favor of our environment, saying: “At Don Bosco, we do our best to raise awareness of all these problems. We have invited many young environmentalists and lawyers to organize sessions for our students and our goal is to raise awareness among young people. We also have a lot of beach clean-up campaigns, planting campaigns, e-waste campaigns and e-waste collections. ”Ayesha Lopes, student at the ‘IHM Porvorim, highlighted the importance that segregation has had on reducing environmental damage in Goa. She said: ‘Unfortunately, what we have done over the past two decades related to environmental change. The root cause being the way we separate our waste which is very disorganized or sometimes not even at all. She shared how she put together easy home segregation plans that were discovered online. “We made a compost bin where we threw our organic waste and then used it to make manure. We have also started to properly separate wet and dry waste as well as electronic waste such as batteries and light bulbs. Ms Lopes also revealed the constructive criticism she has faced. She said, “My family asked me one day, ‘why bother sorting the trash because the garbage collection truck throws it all together anyway’, so I said to them, ‘why store the spices separately? This is because each spice has an individual flavor and storing them separately helps and keeps the flavor intact. It’s about preserving value. The same goes for our waste. When we store and sort our waste separately, we retain its value and pass the benefits on to our garbage collectors, recyclers and other actors in the chain. When we dispose of mixed waste, not only is each material difficult to separate, but each material also releases harmful toxins into our air, water and soil. Sorting waste has many advantages, we just have to start”. “Since we’re not really going to school because of the pandemic, we used to bring plants to school and water them daily, and since we have a big garden behind our school, we We would plant seeds and take alternate chances to water them and the school would give us grades. We would also have a clean-up session in and around our school during scout and guide lessons.” Sarah Hussain, student at the Our Lady of the Rosary Higher Secondary School, spoke about her institute and how she personally tries to be environmentally friendly, saying, “I make sure that whenever I have packaging or waste that need to be thrown in the trash, I put it in my bag or pocket until I find one to throw it in.” Shimei Nathan, a student at St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa shared her observations on improving the environment of Goa, but states that the weather changes here have been very drastic. .“I can speak for Goa alone, saying there is a visible effort being made to preserve our environment. Most beaches have cleanup campaigns, but not just for tourists and scenic beauty, but mostly to reduce pollution and help marine wildlife. She also mentioned how her college has tried to raise awareness of the importance of our environment. “St. Xavier’s College has an Eco Club and an NSS Club which runs a cleanliness campaign every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and even people outside the club can join.” A concern that is both urgent and existentialism receives a lot of attention and help from our people who are extremely determined to protect our home from any exploitation or harm.It is fortunate that our schools and colleges educate young people about the growing climate problems and offer to each of the solutions that will help not only the State but also the world.