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How the Rosary can have a positive impact on our daily life

When prayed with faith and devotion, the Rosary can be a beacon of light on our path to virtue.

Although the Rosary is widely known for its meditative qualities, it can also have a positive effect on a person’s daily life.

Prayed with faith, the rosary first offers the opportunity to converse interiorly with Jesus and Mary.

Prof. John Procter explains this aspect of the Rosary in his book, The Rosary Guide for Priests and People.

When we say our rosary in the spirit of faith we are in the presence of Jesus Christnot touching the hem of his garment, not basking in the shade of his apostle, but talk to him, think of him, listen to him, learn from him, love him and be loved by him in return. How can we commune with Our Lord, and with his Divine Mother, and not come from the audience, as Moses came from the mountain, reflecting the light of Heaven, if not on our face, at least on our inner soul ? How to think of him and speak to him, as we do when saying our rosary, without become better and holier through spiritual contact?

This first aspect of the Rosary is based on its ability to put us in the presence of Jesus and his Mother, which is always a positive experience. The more time we spend with Jesus and Mary, the more we will reflect their love in our daily lives.

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Linked to this first attribute of the Rosary, the second reason why it can have a positive influence on us is that we will meditate on the mysteries of the Gospel while praying to him.

If, in our mind, we are hovering over this valley, and standing on the top of the mountain, let it be Bethlehem, Calvary or Olivet, and breathe the pure and fresh air of the celestial mysteries, won’t our chest expand spiritually and our heart beat faster with supernatural emotions of faith, trust and love? The spirit will be purified by the sublime truths which filter in the celestial currents; the heart will expand with a tender love coming to our heart from the heart of Christ.

The Rosary is essentially a “biblical prayer » and by immersing ourselves in the gospel, we can draw closer to Jesus and be inspired by the events of his life to be heroic in our own lives.

[F]aith, hope and charity must grow in the spiritual life, if we are constantly in touch with the mysteries which inspire and engender them.. If we are frequently in our rosary, “looking at Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith”, the virtues of his life must be reflected in our wayslike the shadow of Peter over the sick, and we must rise to a higher level. We cannot think about the life and ways of Christ, in a simple, childlike spirit of faith, without becoming more Christlike.simpler, more obedient, more patient, more indulgent, more “gentle and humble of heart”.

As with any prayer, this can only happen if we pray the Rosary with faith and trust in God. If it is done out of necessity or routine, then its effect will be lessened. However, when combined with faith, the power of the Rosary can have a profound impact on our daily lives.

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