Rosary prayer

How to pray the rosary better

Are you good at praying the Rosary? Do you find it difficult to get distracted and let your mind wander? Do you rush into prayers?

Kendra Von Esh, Catholic speaker and author, joined morning air on Relevant Radio to discuss some ways to deepen the beautiful meditation of the Holy Rosary.

“My road to Mary was very weird,” admits Kendra. As she entered the Catholic faith, she found it difficult to understand Mary. She struggled to deepen her devotion to the Mother of God, so she turned to the “True Devotion to Mary” of Saint Louis de Montfort.

It was intense, Kendra said. “I realized that I was not praying reverently and giving Mary the love she was due.”

She says she was “saying the words and not praying from the bottom of her heart”, just trying to do it and “check the box” rather than really thinking and thinking what she is saying.

Does this sound like your experience with the Rosary?

We can always go the extra mile in our prayer, so Kendra shared some ways to do that.

Find a quiet place to pray – Put away your phone, hide from pets, children and other distractions. Find a comfortable place (but not too comfortable) place where you can get away from it all and concentrate on your prayer.

Use the sacramentals — They are not ‘lucky charms,’ said Von Esh, ‘they are there to remind us of our faith.’ Bring a statue of Mary, a crucifix, a miraculous medal or any other blessed object that can help you visualize and focus on the presence of God. Use holy water or blessed salt or oil to complete your prayer.

Announce and meditate on the Mysteries — Immerse yourself in the gospels by praying each decade. Kendra Von Esh encourages you to “show off” and shares that she likes to put herself in Mary’s shoes to consider her point of view.

To slow down — Listen to the beautiful words of the Ave Maria, the Our Father and the other prayers. The next time you pray the Rosary, slow down and don’t rush. Words are extremely powerful, and if you fly through them you will miss them.

Offer your prayer for others — Offer the time you spend and the prayers you make for specific intentions and the conversion of sinners. “Make small sacrifices, offer your time and your distractions — because it’s going to happen, you’re going to get distracted along the way — to align it with Jesus on the cross,” Kendra said.

The more you work to pray the Rosary reverently, the deeper your devotion to the Virgin Mary will become. Give her the love and reverence she deserves as the Mother of God and your mother by giving her time and attention every day.

As important as quiet, peaceful and solitary prayer time is, it is also vital to pray together with our family and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Join us each evening at 7 p.m. CT as we pray the Family Rosary Across America. Tune into your local relevant radio station or watch the broadcast video on the free relevant radio app! We look forward to praying with you and for you as we pass on our love of the Rosary to future generations of Catholics.