Rosary prayer

If you are having difficulty with the Rosary, one of these resources will certainly help you.

From sacred art to beautiful music to an ingenious aid for distracted parents, there’s something for everyone.

During this month of the Rosary, many of us are trying to recommit ourselves to praying the Rosary more frequently, perhaps daily. But while the Rosary is still a powerful prayer, it’s not necessarily engaging – not for everyone, anyway. People pray differently, and the same words that might elevate some to the heights of mystical prayer leave others bored, distracted, or sleepy, at least until we manage to make the rosary a real meditation.

Fortunately, the Rosary is a framework for prayer, a devotion that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. There are scriptural rosaries and musical rosaries, rosaries illuminated by works of art or by the words of the saints. Those of us who find the words of the Ave Maria more soporific than inspiring can turn to resources that add meditations to each angelic greeting; others may find their prayer more fruitful when accompanied by music or sacred art.

Many books, videos, apps and albums are available for people looking to get the most out of the Rosary or, perhaps, put more into it. As October draws to a close, consider investing in one of these resources to rejuvenate your prayer:

the Complete Illuminated Rosary is a truly stunning book that contains a sacred image for each Hail Mary, capturing the imagination of those who are more visually oriented. It’s hard to be distracted when your eyes land on a dozen different images of the mystery you’re trying to ponder.

Here is your mother is a scriptural rosary in Latin and English with a biblical passage for each prayer and a saint’s reflection on each mystery. It is a beautiful book with the wisdom of the saints and the Word of God.

The Rosary Center and Brotherhood offers a booklet with a one-sentence meditation before each Ave Maria, each different, to help you stay focused on the mystery: Pray the Rosary without distractions. An overview of the texts is available on their websitealthough praying with a book is always preferable to praying on a device, if possible.

the Pray the Rosary The booklet is another easily portable rosary helper – mine is always in my purse, giving me something far more fruitful to do when I’m queuing than just scrolling through social media. This little book has an option for a scriptural rosary and another for a short meditation inserted into each Hail Mary (“…blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus, who opened the gates of heaven. Saint Mary…” for example, for the Ascension).

There are many Rosary applications available for Apple or Android, but the RosaryPlusRD app is particularly beautiful, containing the scriptures and sacred art as well as several other Catholic prayers, such as the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Chaplet of Saint Michael.

It can be helpful to have someone to pray with, and who better than Pope Saint John Paul II? This Rosary was recorded in the early 90s, before the Luminous Mysteries were added, but the voice of the Holy Father was still strong and those of us who were inspired by him during his lifetime will feel the same thrill. hearing his voice reciting the Rosary in Latin that we heard when he spoke to us directly so many years ago.

The richness of Catholic tradition offers us the wisdom of the saints as well as the scriptures, and Summa Enterprises has sought to merge this with the Rosary. Each of their Rosary albums focuses on the wisdom of a particular saint, reading relevant quotes before each prayer from saints such as Saint Catherine of Siena Where Saint Padre Pio.

Instead of just listening to a recording of people praying the Rosary, you might find it helpful to listen to music. At Danielle Rose’s Mysteries Albumprovides a beautiful meditation on each mystery, often from an unexpected perspective. The crown of thorns sadly sings of its desire to be the king’s most precious rose, for example, while the crucifixion sounds like Mary’s lullaby to her divine child. Of all the books and CDs with which I have prayed the Rosary, I think that none has marked me as much as this album, whose music and theology have colored my prayer life for 15 years.

If your problem is more interruptions than distractions, consider purchasing one of the beautiful rosary bracelets from ChewsLife. Each bracelet is a full 5 decade rosary, but the crucifix and miraculous medal are clipped together so you can pray half a decade between lighting up Curious George and having to settle a kiddie fight. the little clip next to the bead where you were interrupted and start over there next time life allows. It may not be your contemplative ideal, but it will consecrate your day by turning you to prayer whenever you have a free moment, and that’s a beautiful thing.

There are, of course, older resources, as well as new books, apps, and videos being produced every day. What are your favorite rosary resources?