Rosary guide

Join Aleteia tomorrow to pray the Rosary for Afghanistan

Join me in praying the Rosary, asking for Our Lady’s protection for the men, women and children most at risk in the current crisis in Afghanistan.

As violence and unrest continue to escalate Afghanistan, I would like to invite Aleteia readers and friends to join me tomorrow in praying the Rosary.

The live stream of our prayers – which will be broadcast from St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC at 3 p.m. EST – can be joined from Facebook and Instagram.

Pray the Rosary

A spiritual weapon and balm for the soul, Catholics have looked to the Rosary for centuries to seek the intervention and consolation of Our Lady. Pope Pius XI urged the prayer of the Rosary saying, “If you desire peace in your hearts, in your homes and in your country, gather together each evening to recite the Rosary. Do not let a single day go by without saying it, even if you are burdened with many cares and works.

More recently, Pope Francis invited the Church to pray the Rosary saying: “The recitation of the Rosary is the most beautiful prayer we can offer to the Virgin Mary; it is a contemplation on the stages of the life of Jesus the Savior with his Mother Mary and it is a weapon that protects us from evils and temptations. The Holy Father also noted that the Blessed Virgin Mary urged the recitation of the Rosary “especially in the face of threats to the world.”

Those who would like to see the Rosary prayers should check out this excellent guide to Aleteia.

Concern for religious minorities

John Burger of Aleteia described the situation in these terms: “Concerns are growing for the small community of Christians in Afghanistan, who could face forced conversion to Islam or death as the Taliban delve into the details of who now lives under their regime.

Experts, such as Thomas Heine-Geldern, executive chairman of Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), have expressed deep concern about the country’s future. Heine-Geldern said in a recent statement: “Anyone who does not espouse the extreme Islamist views of the Taliban is at risk, even moderate Sunnis. The Shiites (10% of the population), the small Christian community and all the other religious minorities, already threatened, will suffer even greater oppression. This is a huge setback for all human rights and especially for religious freedom in the country.

Father Ragheed Ganni