Rosary prayer

Loving Giving Local: Holy Rosary

A Catholic Church in East Erie was visited by Loving Giving Local this week.

Here’s how the donation will help Holy Rosary continue its mission.

For nearly 100 years, Holy Rosary Parish has served the Eastside Erie neighborhood at 28th and East Avenue.

Because there are fewer parishioners these days, Holy Rosary has partnered with nearby St. John’s to continue its ministry efforts.

Part of the change was to close the Holy Rosary School and sell the building to create new outreach opportunities.

“Mercy Center for Women bought the school building. Our neighbors and we are partnering with them in a lot of good things, and it is really helpful and also part of the direction we are taking for the future,” the father said. Jean Jacquel, Saint-Rosaire church.

Holy Rosary also hosts a homeless shelter in cooperation with Our Neighbors Place and Erie United Methodist Alliance.

It also organizes neighborhood clean-ups and garage sales.

But as you’d expect, Holy Rosary won’t be keeping its Loving Giving Local donation.

“Well, we’re going to share some with our people we help like Inter-Church Ministries and the Mercy Center For Women next door. I think they will be grateful as they work to open their new Mercy Anchor Community Center,” the father said. Jacques.

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“We knew before coming here that their mission would be to give back, and that’s what Loving Giving Local is about helping people in need in the community. We know that every time we put this donation into the hands of the church, it’s always about paying for it and helping someone else with it,” said Joe Askins, Auto Express.

Join us again next week when we find out which local nonprofit receives a visit and donation from Loving Giving Local.