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Major, 3 others shot down on Mobile Legends game

A HIGH-RANKING police officer and three civilians were injured in a shooting in a commercial district of Cotabato City on Tuesday night.

Major Elexon Bona, Commander of City Police Station 2, was lightly injured when gunmen, armed with assault rifles, opened fire on officers responding to the incident at Barangay Rosary Heights 9.

Reports say the shooting, which happened after 10 p.m. and involved other civilians, was triggered by the non-payment of a cash bet for a Mobile Legends (ML) online game.

Friends Hubert Concepcion and Fitzgerald Patagan were busy playing ML using their smartphones in the front yard of their rented home in Rosary Heights 9 when men on motorcycles arrived and shot them with .45 caliber pistols, both seriously injuring themselves.

Jamil Kusain, a resident of Rosary Heights 7, was also injured in the shooting.

Neighbors had told reporters that the attackers belonged to a group with which Concepcion and Patagan were competing for a P15,000 bet in the ML game.

“The other group, the suspects, tricked them (Concepcion and Patagan) and there was this quarrel that started this gun attack,” one resident, who asked not to be told, told reporters. be identified.

“We are still verifying this report, which is not yet confirmed,” Bona said, however.

Police officers, led by the Major and pursuing the suspects, were fired upon by the latter’s cohorts with a rifle while positioned near Rosary Heights 7.

Bona was shot and injured in an ensuing gunfight.

Eventually, he and his police force arrested 11 men in the area, all of whom were suspected accomplices of the suspects in the shooting attack that injured Concepcion and Patagan.

The two friends are now confined to a hospital.

At least 20 other people were detained for questioning but were later released.