Rosary prayer

Mark Wahlberg encourages his 18.6 million Instagram followers to pray the Rosary

The well-known actor took the opportunity to invite everyone to “stay in prayer”.

American actor Mark Wahlberg – who is openly Catholic and just starred in the film Father Stuabout a former boxer turned Catholic priest, encouraged his more than 18.6 million Instagram followers to pray the Rosary.

The star has partnered with the Catholic app Hallow, one of the most popular in the US in the category of religious apps. In this partnership, Wahlberg recites all the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, along with the traditional “Anima Christi” prayer and an invocation to the Holy Spirit. The app also offers users a series of audio files from the movie Father Stu.

In his Instagram video post, Mark Wahlberg—on set—says, “I got a lot of messages from people who prayed every day and found peace; above all, by sending wonderful messages about doing the Rosary with me on the Hallow app…” The actor takes the opportunity to invite his millions of followers on Instagram to “stay prayed” and pray the Rosary with him on the ‘application.

Among the comments on Mark Wahlberg’s Rosary post, there are many thanks for his testimony, as well as people saying that the initiative he has undertaken in partnership with the Hallow app is helping them to pray more.

Ben Steele