Rosary prayer

Priest: Rosary Powerful Prayer to Achieve True Peace

In these troubled times when the world is facing man-made and natural disasters, a priest said that man should “learn to humble himself by opening his heart to God’s forgiveness, and pray daily, especially the rosary, so that the world may achieve true and lasting peace.”

It was the urgent call of the Rev. Kit Ramirez, SVD, in a phone interview with this writer Friday on the eve of the month of the Holy Rosary – October.

“Let the light of God enter our hearts,” he said.

Asked about the chaotic situation in the world, such as the Covid-19 pandemic that has haunted the world for three years, and the war raging in Ukraine after the invasion by Russia in February this year, Fr. Kit said quoted “the need for humanity to bombard the sky with prayers, especially the Rosary which is a very powerful prayer that the Blessed Mother said during her appearance at Fatima in 1917 for the conversion of Russia”.

“Let us pray, pray and pray the Rosary every day to stop Russia’s mistakes,” he repeated several times.

“The Rosary is the weapon of our time in the fight against the forces of evil. It is the form of prayer of the faithful to allow God to work on us,” he said.

Prof. Kit also said abortion should be stopped now to appease the wrath of God, saying “abortion is a mortal sin that has offended God.

“By following the will of God by obeying his commandments, peace will reign in the world,” he added.

“Since we have free will, man is free to choose between good and evil, so it is very important for us to pray, especially the rosary to ask God’s help to find the way of justice,” the father said. said Kit.

He expressed the hope “that Filipino Catholics in their individual homes will pray the Holy Rosary every day so that the world will attain peace, and we will be delivered from dangers.”

The Rosary relates to the whole life of Jesus Christ on earth – his birth, his teaching, his passion, his death, his resurrection and his glory.

The Holy Rosary is made up of four Mysteries – Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous. (NAP)