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Pro-life this week: September 9, 2022

The company that produces the aptly named fetid card game Cards Against Humanitytakes a stand against humanity.

The company has pledged to donate 100% of game sales proceeds to the National Network of Abortion Funds when purchased online in a state that restricts abortion.

To go further, the company donates an additional five dollars if the buyer clicks a button that says, “What? I am pro-life! I didn’t agree with that.

By clicking on this button, the screen show this message:

So you don’t want your money used to pay for abortions?

You know, sometimes people have values ​​imposed on them by bigger, more powerful entities, and they’re forced to do things they don’t want to do, like having an unwanted pregnancy. For example, we just added an additional $5 donation to the National Abortion Fund Network to your cart.

In this week’s edition of Wednesday STOPP ReportRita Diller reports that several Planned Parenthood locations have closed since September 3.

While Planned Parenthood repeatedly trumpets that it has not closed a single location since the Dobbs Supreme Court decision released on June 24, FOX News reports that Planned Parenthood of the Great Plains is closing its facilities in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma for at least a week. The closings, he said, were to begin on September 3.

Planned Parenthood officials cited ‘brutal’ working conditions over the past year and said it was not sustainable for employees, who will rest while they ‘see what happens next’ .

ALL in the news – WSR published this week; Katie Brown on the Pro-America report; MBW Announces Penultimate Mega Intent

The last Wednesday STOPP Report was released this week, covering an exciting new expansion to the Marian Blue Wave program coming in October.

Last week, Katie Brown, Program Director of ALL’s Marian Blue Wave, was interviewed by Ed Martin on the Pro-American Report. The interview covered Katie’s involvement in the pro-life movement, particularly in regards to her grandmother, Judie Brown.

ALL Marian Blue Wave Program announced their the penultimate intention of a mega establishment for family planning this week. The program asks Catholics to pray one Rosary per week for specific intentions to end all types of abortion and close all Planned Parenthood facilities. Each month, the program places particular emphasis on a state containing one or more “mega” facilities (one over 10,000 square feet). This month, the focus is on Hawaii’s mega installation in Honolulu.

Twice a week, Judie’s comments are distributed to a wide list of media. The list contains more than 100 media, such as Fox News, The Federalist, Breitbart, and The daily caller, among others. Judie’s comments are each featured on the front page of Each comment is also featured as part of Judie’s recurring column on Renew America.

There is confusion about the use of stem cells taken from human placentas. Are they soiled? Are they from murdered unborn children?

We explain below in 30 seconds.

Calling all middle and high school students! The Culture of Life Studies Program is sponsoring a pro-life essay contest in October!

What an amazing way to grow in faith! What an amazing way to grow as a human being!

Due to high demand and because we know how important it is to hone the ability to articulate pro-life beliefs, we have relaunched the contest!

This year, our competition is reserved for middle and high school students. There will be two age categories (college is 5e up to 8e year, and high school is 9e up to 12e grade) with a prompt for each category.

We’ll post prompts, rules, prizes and all the details at the end September on our site, and we’ll send reminders via email and post on social media at that time. Students will then have the whole month of October to write and submit their essays.

Why October? October is Honor Life Month, so we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Honor Life than sharing the truths of life with your children or students.

Join us!

We could hardly expect to find Catechism of the Catholic Church in the offices of the anti-Catholic Catholics for Choice. C4C worships conscience while rejecting Christ. Paragraph 1783 of the CCC reads in part:

Conscience must be informed and moral judgment enlightened. A well trained [emphasis ours] the conscience is upright and truthful. It formulates judgments according to reason, in accordance with the true good willed by the wisdom of the Creator.

C4C believes that any evil act is good as long as the sinner does it in good conscience, such as killing their unborn child.

The “primacy of conscience” is not found anywhere in the Catechism. It is a misconception that the conscience of man is the final authority over what is morally right, and that man has a grave obligation to follow it, although this is contrary to the teaching of the Church.