Rosary prayer

‘Rosary & Cannoli’: A Sweet New Lenten Tradition at Iona Prep

NEW ROCHELLE, NY – It might be sacrilege to call Domenick’s Nepperhan Italian Patisserie cannolis a miracle, but the famed local patisserie served as divine inspiration for a chaplain looking for a new way to inspire his herd.

Iona Preparatory School Chaplain Reverend Justin Cinnante had been trying to think of ways to gather more students for a prayer of the Rosary after the daily Catholic Mass and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament each Thursday . He decided to try giving a cannoli to every student who showed up for reflection, and the congregation quickly multiplied.

A special rosary prayer offered to the Ukrainian people attracted 130 students. (Iona Preparatory School)

News has traveled fast since he started offering the crispy treat in December. On March 9, the idea that began with a few dozen students just a few weeks ago attracted more than 130 PK-12 students to participate in the after-school program, an increase in attendance of more than 500%. After a special prayer of the Rosary during Lent offered to the people of Ukraine in the upper school chapel of Iona Preparatory School, students were treated to a cannoli and fellowship in a nearby classroom.

Thursday’s cannolis were donated by an Iona Prep family, from Domenick’s Nepperhan Italian bakery in Yonkers, but delicate pastries from other renowned Westchester bakers will help pack the pews and offer a dose of sugar, both during the celebration of Lent and throughout the year.