Rosary prayer

Rosary Rally

Many people and students came on Saturday October 16 at 10 a.m. for the 1st Rosary Rally. The rain did not prevent everyone from gathering in front of the Grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the lawn of the Rectorate. The Rosary and prayers were offered for Canada. “As human efforts fail to solve Canada’s major problems, we turn to God, through His Blessed Mother, asking for her urgent help.” On Saturday, more than 645 others led rosary rallies in public squares across Canada, with thousands attending and tens of thousands of people viewing the rallies while walking or driving. October 16 is the day after the last apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, in Portugal. Canada Needs Our Lady is an organization from Greenfield Park, Quebec and has been promoting the rosary for many years. Thanks to Jerry Goetz for organizing this important event and to Father Grayson Hope for leading us in prayer.