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Sign ‘represents nothing but life’ |

ONTARIO — The Knights of Columbus of Blessed Sacrament Church discovered that a banner they had placed on a fence surrounding the parochial school property behind the church had been vandalized earlier this week. The sign reads “A baby is a person, no matter how small”, and features an image of a fetus in the womb.

A member of the Catholic men’s group, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Friday that the red “X” drawn on the fetus was “pretty messed up”.

“It represents nothing but life,” he said.

The sign came from Oregon Right to Life and the men’s group aims to replace it as soon as possible. Additionally, they may look for different avenues to get the message across.

“As Catholics, we are pro-life and we always have been,” he said, adding that they would “pray a lot and work with God” on the issue.

The group of men are simply trying to “hopefully make the world a better place under God,” he said. Their work includes providing resources to help men, pregnant women, babies and couples. One way to do this is through a baby bank that is set up at the church.

Angelica Corona, director of religious education and Hispanic ministry at Blessed Sacrament Parish, explained more about this and other offerings that support families during a phone interview Friday.

The Baby Bank is a place where families can pick up supplies needed for children. This includes a range of items, such as blankets, clothes, formula and diapers, Corona said. The bank relies on donations, which are collected at various locations or donated by parishioners.

The church also helps those in need through the Little Red House, a thrift store where the church also offers gift vouchers for those in need. There is also a food bank open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“But anyone who stops at any time and is in need, we will help them with food that they can use,” Corona said.

The church also holds a bilingual Rosary at its memorial for unborn babies on the first Friday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The memorial is outside the church, under the trees, where those present gather and pray.

Additionally, for life ministry, Corona said the church offers catechesis, which is religious instruction, on different topics each month. For these gatherings, participants meet and have a meal together and share thoughts and ideas.

“To support families, pray for them and educate people on the subject,” she said.

Father Joseph P. Thomas, CST, also offers guidance to those in need.

“Father Joseph will meet anyone who passes by and wants to meet him.”

Le Saint-Sacrement is located at 850-700 SW Second Ave.

The church offers mass every day except Monday, including Spanish services twice a week. The full program is online at For more information, call (541) 889-8469.