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St. Mary’s Cathedral prayer and rosary service for the victims of the Beaver Island plane crash

On Thursday evening, family, friends and community members gathered to remember the four people who died in the plane crash on Beaver Island.

A prayer service and rosary was held in Gaylord at St. Mary’s Cathedral for Michael Perdue.

“It’s a good time for us to connect as a community, just to be together, to pray together and to offer that to God for strength and understanding,” said Jerry Belanger, director of the St. Mary’s Cathedral School.

By the over 100 people in attendance, you could see how well the community comes together and how many lives Perdue has impacted.

“He has a really big smile and he likes to laugh. He’s also a good listener and he was just a very good person,” said Father Matthew Wigton, director of St. Mary’s Cathedral.

The service also included praying for the healing of Lanny, Perdue’s daughter, the only person to survive the crash.

“She had to have foot and jaw surgery,” Wigton said. “The other places where she has problems, like her nose and her teeth and her collarbone and her pelvis or one of her hips, will all heal without the intervention of the doctors.”

Wigton also says Lanny is talking, laughing as usual. No doubt she will make a full recovery.

“She’s a soldier, tough, caring and fun to have in class,” Bélanger said. “The kids love her, we miss her and we need her back.”

While waiting for Lanny, Michael’s life will be remembered forever.

“I often think of Saint Matthew, bravo, my good and faithful servant,” says Bélanger. “When I think of Mike, that’s what I think of; well done, my good and faithful servant.