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Striking photos taken during the male Rosary procession in Warsaw

These men of faith will not let freezing weather prevent them from joining together in prayer.

The Rosary has been instrumental in the spiritual battle against war throughout history, and many turn to this powerful prayer as a way to help end the war in Ukraine. People around the world took to their prayer beads in a bid to storm the skies with prayers for peace, and very moving images circulated on social media.

As people prayed the Rosary from the comfort of their homes, others took to the streets with others. It has been a unifying force, and one that has highlighted the power of prayer during times of uncertainty and fear. Recent photos from Poland showing a rather cold Rosary procession for men taking place in Warsaw are a perfect example of this.

The Catholic Męski Różaniec Warszawa group shared striking images on their Facebook page, and they fill us with so much admiration for these men of faith who would brave the great cold to ask for the intercession of the Virgin Mary.

As the men trudged through the snow, accompanied by a beautiful image of the Blessed Mother, they prayed for peace. Some of the men weren’t even wearing gloves in the freezing weather, but that didn’t stop them from their mission.

It is this kind of devotion that encourages us all to continue our efforts to pray for peace.

To see the beautiful images, just click on the Facebook post below: