Rosary prayer

The Rosary? There is an application for that

Every morning at 6:45 a.m., working mom Kristin Reilly leads hundreds in the Holy Rosary on Instagram Live. (Photo courtesy: @manyhailmarysatatime)

With a child in her lap and a rosary in her hand, Kristin Reilly opens her Instagram phone app at 6:45 a.m. Central Time each morning to pray with hundreds of people she has connected with online.

The full-time banker and mother of seven runs an Instagram account @manyhailmarysatatimewhich has nearly 30,000 subscribers.

Every morning from her home in suburban Chicago, Reilly invites her followers to pray with her online, starting each day with a special intention as requested by her followers.

“I truly believe the rosary can work wonders in your life, if you get into the daily habit of praying it,” said Reilly, 37. “Your soul will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and you will know God everywhere and in everything. As a result, your life will become more peaceful.

Reilly, who is from St. Paul, Minnesota, was first introduced to a life with the Holy Spirit when she was in her early twenties and in college. Although she grew up in a Catholic household, like many birthplace Catholics, she fell deeply in love with the faith when she fell in love with the Holy Rosary.

“In my late twenties I was married and when we were expecting our third child, we bought our first house and my husband lost his job,” Reilly said, explaining that his family was struggling financially and couldn’t. not pay his mortgage. “My mother suggested that we say the Rosary during Lent because she knew how stressed we were. That was almost eight years ago…and it’s the only habit that’s really stuck in our family. It brings us peace and direction.

Now Reilly talks prayer life, mental health, spirituality and discernment on her Blog and YouTube channel. She interviews Catholic faith speakers and influencers, and shares Marian reflections and stories on the healing power of prayer.

Above, Reilly pictured in an undated photo with her 7 children. (Photo courtesy: @manyhailmarysatatime)

In 2016, Reilly launched her blog and instagraminitially targeting Catholic moms juggling work and family life.

“Please know that I am by no means an expert at finding balance as a working mom,” she said. writing. “Every day is a struggle. And I want you to know that you are not alone in the fight.

As his popularity grew on social media, Reilly started using Instagram’s live-streaming feature a year ago. Views grew, with people posting their prayer intentions in the form of emojis and public comments, and Reilly invited guests and friends to pray on Instagram and YouTube with her.

Reilly realized that virtual prayer groups can foster real communities – from working mothers to those in classrooms, nursing homes and hospitals.

She disposes priestsnuns and lay people “experts in spiritual life”, asking them how to improve spirituality and the life of prayer.

As for the 6:45 a.m. prayer time, Reilly wants to start each day in prayer and in close relationship with the Blessed Mother.

“The Blessed Mother is to me the ultimate human example of living a life of holiness. She is not God; she is us,” Reilly said. “If families learn this habit, they will unify their hearts and learn to love God.”