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The singer and actress found peace praying the Rosary after her daughter disappeared

Compared to this terrible suffering, while her father is now convinced that she committed suicide by drowning in the Mississippi River, Romina continues to believe that her daughter is still alive and hiding somewhere.

After the disappearance of her daughter, she could only fall asleep if she prayed the rosary

The singer tells Maria con te how her family, half Mexican on her mother’s side, was devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and how close she felt to Mary at that dramatic moment:

I turned to Notre-Dame in 1994, after the disappearance of my daughter Ylenia. I was lost and couldn’t find any complete answer anywhere. I couldn’t even sleep. So I went to a monastery in New Orleans and asked them if they had a rosary. They showed a large stack of colorful plastic rosaries. I chose one. By reciting it, I finally found the peace that would allow me to sleep, as well as the certainty that in the end, everything will be fine. May good overcome evil. All the time.

Thanks to the rediscovery of inner peace, Romina was able to resume the path of her life, reconcile with Albano and renew a strictly artistic partnership with him.

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Romina Power’s devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe

She continues to be deeply attached to the Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, but discovered with her sister Taryn that in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where she lived, there is another shrine dedicated to this apparition of Our Lady. She went there to pray three years ago when her sister Taryn (who died of leukemia in 2020) visited.

Painting Mary with the Child Jesus

Romina Power is also a painter, and on several occasions she painted the Blessed Mother, always with the Child Jesus: “There was a period when I only painted Madonnas”, she tells the Italian weekly , animated by “this feeling of peace and serenity that she instills. She describes to the journalist how she describes her:

I wanted her sweetness to shine. But also his resignation to his destiny, the destiny of his son. I feel her as the Mother of all of us, not just of Jesus. And who loves her children and listens to them more than a mother?

When Saint John Paul II kissed Romina on the forehead

She doesn’t know Pope Francis well, but she had a special connection to St. John Paul II, as she revealed in the interview:

Fifteen years before meeting him personally, I dreamed of walking and talking with him. He made me take communion three times. When I approached him on the Maracana Stadium stage and, per protocol, leaned down to kiss his ring, he grabbed my head and kissed my forehead instead.

We must be guardians of the earth

Asked about the serious ecological problems that increasingly threaten humanity today and about her hopes for humanity, she said: “In my opinion, if we want the human species to continue to populate the Earth, we we must look within, discover the reserves of spirituality we have and become stewards of the earth rather than exploiters.

I hope my grandchildren will help make the world a better place

In this perspective, when asked what she hopes for her three grandchildren, Romina told the Italian publication: “What every mother and grandmother in this world wishes: that they have a life peaceful, that they find their way in the world and help to improve it, even if only slightly.