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WATCH THE VIDEO | Public rosary recited downtown in honor of Saint Joseph, pray for the nation | News

About three dozen people gathered in Central Park in downtown Johnstown on Saturday for a public rosary organized by St. Clement’s Church in honor of St. Joseph, who according to the Christian scriptures is the husband of the Virgin Mary and the legal father of Jesus Christ. .

“Where two or three are together, he is there among us,” said parishioner Chris Mraz.

“To see so many people come out is wonderful to pray in honor of Saint Joseph and to pray for our country.”

On December 8, Pope Francis declared a Saint Joseph Year to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church by Pope Pius IX. With St. Joseph’s Day — and St. Joseph’s Day — taking place on March 19, the timing of reciting the Rosary in his honor worked well for Saturday. The weather on the first day of spring also played its part in a pleasant unfolding at the park.

“We have a number of events going on in our country and we need to pray for that,” Mraz said. “There is the division between races that has been healed that has been inflamed. … Our country must continue on the path that God has laid out for us to become an independent nation.

Another rosary will be held April 17 in Central Park to pray for first responders and healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, as we continue to pray for the nation.

“I am so grateful to Father (William) Rosenbaum, our pastor, and the city of Johnstown for allowing us to do this,” Mraz said.

Shawn Curtis is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. He can be reached at 814-532-5085. Follow him on Twitter @ShawnCurtis430.

Shawn Curtis is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. He can be reached at (814) 532-5085. Follow him on Twitter @ShawnCurtis430.​