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Watch video of 100 Australian men praying the rosary in horrendous rain

This must-see video of Catholics in solemn prayer should be viewed with the sound turned up.

A recent Facebook post from the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney shows how far some Catholics will go to live their faith.

In the video, the Archdiocese explains that there were more than 100 men gathered outside St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney to pray the Rosary for almost an hour. While this was a wonderful testimony to their faith, it was even more impressive considering the exceptionally bad weather conditions.

The majority of the men were on their knees, dressed in rain gear and holding umbrellas. They did not seem at all disturbed by the heavy shower of rain, and despite all the noise, their deep devotion will surely have been heard by the Blessed Virgin.

Courtesy of Catholic Weekly, Sydney

Courtesy of Catholic Weekly, Sydney

The Men’s Rosary Crusade takes place on the first Saturday of each month, and it was interesting to see how many men turned out in July, even though they knew they would be soaked.

And their efforts were appreciated by all who saw the video, with Facebook user Jennifer Pierno commenting:

“I saw them. It was raining and they stayed true to their mission. Great men. Thank you. You are an inspiration in an uninspiring society.

The Archdiocese also shared the proceeds from the video which has been viewed over a million times worldwide. In an article by Debbie Cramsie for Catholic Weekly, the director of the Center for Evangelism for the Archdiocese of Sydney, Daniel Ang, shared:

“God is truly present in our lives and in our city. Some might balk at such a scene, but the response it has elicited testifies to the power of Christian witness. He added: “To see men directing their lives not by the mere force of their feelings or their comfort, but by what they cherish is such a testimony and raises the question of what we give ourselves to, what we believe to be the source and the end of our life. ”

Cramsie further explains that the monthly Rosary Crusade was born out of an international movement, which sees men gathering every butterfly to ask for Mary’s protection for their families.

Interestingly, Ivica Kovac, head of life, marriage and family for the Archdiocese of Sydney, pointed out that men are often reluctant to show such public displays of their faith, according to Cramsie. However, the fact that the video has since gone viral seems a bit of a blessing, as it means their efforts will be seen around the world and may inspire other men to pick up their rosary.

“Men of faith would love to share the ‘good news’ with others and let them know they are praying but are often reluctant, so the Men’s Rosary Crusade offers a way for them to profess their faith in the most public and most loving in praying for our loved ones, our community, our country and our church, whatever the conditions,” says Kovac.

St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney
Courtesy of Catholic Weekly, Sydney

Courtesy of Catholic Weekly, Sydney

And it is exactly these kinds of demonstrations of faith that show the world the joy and power of praying in unison, as well as showing women that they are indeed valued.

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