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We need a president who believes in the unity of Nigeria -Wike

Rivers State Governor Chief Nyesom Wike said he would remain grateful to Justice Mary Odili for her timely intervention which saved his political career in 2004.
Wike revealed this during the Mass of Thanksgiving for the 70th Anniversary and Retirement of Justice Mary Odili as Justice of the Supreme Court, held at the Chaplaincy of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA) in Port Harcourt yesterday.
Rivers State Governor recalled how he cried to Judge Mary Odili when he heard his name was not among those allowed to run as first or second term presidents of local government councils of State.
According to Wike, Judge Mary Odili listened to him and forwarded the complaint to her husband, Dr. Peter Odili, who was then Governor of Rivers State.
Wike said the way Judge Mary Odili presented the case prompted her husband to act immediately.
He said that Dr Peter Odili initially called on the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party of Rivers State, Prince Uche Secondus to confirm the sighting and then called the National Secretary of the PDP, Chief Vincent Ogbulafor.
“In 2004, when her husband was governor, she was going to Bori camp for the women’s empowerment program. I was to run for a second term as president of my local government (Obio-Akpor).
“Now they were having lunch with her husband and the then State Party President, Prince Uche Secondus. And, I was told that my name had been removed from the list. ‘at Government House.
“She had finished her own lunch, left her husband and entered the vehicle. I said ‘mum I’m done’. She asked: what happened? I said they deleted my name.
“She ran to her husband and informed him. Her husband asked who took his name down. By this time, Secondus was gone. The husband then called security at the door; they arrested Secondus and asked him to come back.
He further added, “This is how I came back as second term president. For me, I can’t talk about my growth without mentioning it. If she wasn’t there that day, seeing the governor, you know, it’s not an easy thing. His presence that day saved my political career. And that’s how I grew from there to what I am today.
Wike noted a vital life lesson he learned from Judge Odili, which is the determination to build the capacity to succeed in one’s career without ignoring the required attention to family.
For Judge Mary Odili, Wike said there was a good balance she maintained that allowed her to be successful both in her career as a lawyer, as a mother and as a wife in the family.
Wike said Judge Mary Odili remained an epitome of caring and compassion as she tirelessly treated everyone with the dignity they deserved.
“I saw someone who is very compassionate and very caring. As soon as you are near her husband, she takes care of you. She sees you as her husband’s person and she will always relate to you. Some of us are direct recipients of care through our relationship with the husband.
Wike congratulated Justice Mary Odili on 44 years of meritorious public service, which he described as a significant achievement.
In his homily, the chaplain of the CIWA chaplaincy, Monsignor Pius Kii, exhorted on the physical and eternal benefits that Christians derive when they love God, each other and their enemies.
Kii emphasized that living a life of love demonstrates faithfulness in discipleship, obedience to God, and ensures daily victory in life’s endeavors.
In delivering her speech, Justice Mary Odili described the joy she felt as indescribable and a thing of honor to have Wike, as sitting governor, casting a vote of thanks in her honor.
According to her, she and her spouse, Dr. Peter Odili have a lot to always thank God for, and will remain grateful to him as he has given them countless triumphs despite the challenges they have faced.
“The good Lord knows that Pierre and I don’t know how to thank God properly. Our journey in life has been such that the good Lord has always been there. There have been challenges, no doubt, but the good Lord has not promised us that we will not have challenges, tribulations or difficulties. But the good Lord has always stood by our side and made us triumph in all these trials and tribulations.