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Worldwide Rosary Gatherings

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Prof. Donald Calloway: “The demons fear this thing. No one slays a dragon without a sword. It is what it is.”

Christians throughout the centuries have asked Our Lady for help in times of need, confident that they would not be left without help.

Nadia Hazimeh of Church Militant shows how people around the world in this time of crisis are once again relying on Mary’s care, armed with their rosaries.

Public Rosary gatherings are on the rise as the faithful take the fight against evil to the streets. France, eldest daughter of the Church, opens the way. Rosary Crusaders in more than 780 cities and towns pray to Our Lady to defend them, as vaccine passports loom.

In Austria, leaders like Alexander Tschugguel have risen to lead the charge against tyrannical blockades with Rosary rallies across the country. The faithful in the UK are pray put their country, which is currently going through the most serious crisis in history, under the protection of Our Lady.

Prof. Calloway: “Both the saints and the fallen – what they can see in my hand right now is an incredible source of power.”

Faithful men in Ireland, in the spirit of Saint Patrick, hunt the island snakes in Armagh, Derry, Newry and Belfast.

Men in Hungary and Poland continue to implore Our Lady for her help.

And Catholic men in the United States are joining the crusade. In Austin, Texas, on Saturday February 5, men will gather, their most powerful weapon in hand.

Public rosaries are spreading and organizers are encouraging everyone around the world to start their own rallies.

Last April, Bp. Athanasius Schneider spoke of “a great living rosary chain across Ireland”. Now we’re starting to encircle the whole world.

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